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Living Porn Free

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Thursday, June 30th, 2005
1:40 am
bluebedroom Is this community alive? or abandoned?

Well...if anyone wants to talk....

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Friday, May 20th, 2005
11:53 pm

Just a little community promoting...


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Thursday, March 10th, 2005
3:37 pm

Take me off of this fucking community.
Someone broke in to my account and requested me to be on it.

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Thursday, April 29th, 2004
7:15 am


Jehovah 1

-- space god

The Church of the SubGenius is the PAN-RELIGION of the FUTURE, and REBELS against the namby-pamby, goody two-shoes "NEW AGE" and "AQUARIAN" ideals of most occult weirdos. Such people are fools, they do not curse, they have no understanding of the need for spiritual violence in this modern space-age a-go-go society.

The SubGenius wants no part of the "New Age," it is already here and it obviously sucks. The SubGenius would rather RETRIEVE the manly Past, before 1971 or even 1953, or else dwell in the naughty, fun-loving REMOTE FUTURE, a strange time when anything made of plastic is a valuable antique that collectors will KILL for, when SEXHURT will be recognized and indulged in as sane human nature no matter whether any 'church' or 'government' allows it. But such things are TRIFLES! The SubGenius knows that JEHOVAH 1 is a VENGEFUL GOD OF WRATH! JEHOVAH 1 - a.k.a. YAHWEH - is a mad alien, full of eyes round about, He cometh with the clouds, radioactive, all-pervading, He has forged His covenant with the SubGenius in CHAINS of GENETIC PROGRAMMING and DEMANDS OBEISANCE to His caveman sense of humor. He has been denying us SLACK and what He is making us do dates back to Homo Connectus, First Whole Man; only by letting our bodies obey the Code of financial lust survival that is built into them can our brains be freed from his INEVITABLE FIST.

Everything we do, have done, or will ever do, normally on-the-job but also and especially on the causational level of micro-atomic occurences and billionth-of-a-nanosecond electron collisions, is dictated by the permutations of the great SKORE, the cosmic worknet of cause-and-effect, the mutamorphic ARCHIVE of the shapes and movements of every blood tick, sperm whale, vampire gnat, movie star and gorgosaurus, "all the molecules of oil on all the grains of sand of every moonlit beach of the world. " No, "YOU CAN'T CHANGE THE SKORE." But JEHOVAH 1 can...and like an ax this TOTAL FATE PROGRAM confronts our similarly-encoded SENSE OF SLACK and cleaves our heads straight down the middle into schizocephalic right and left sides whose sub-id battleground is responsible for our precariously balanced NENTAL IVES: clones of us in the spirit world whose duplicate lusts influence our behavior on this material plane. Yes - JEHOVAH 1 smote us in primeval days with BAD BRAKES by which we cannot stop our devil twin from overcoming our 'better nature' and by which, furthermore, we cannot even begin to tell the difference between the two! Brakes keep us from committing ANYTHING WE MIGHT IMAGINE IN OUR MOST DANGEROUS FLEETING FANTASIES, such as chopping off noisy children's heads and giving... well, all of us, even non-SubGeniuslike whimps of the second and third waters, are Jekyll/Hyde monsters of two conflicting Noggin Polarities in our personalities; the SHAFT OF SUPPRESSION rears its ugly Head in response to this utter psychosis which squirms for most of our lives only in the dim, unseen reaches of our behavior-pumps; we act completely normal most of the time, but who is to say at any given moment which side, the 'good' or the 'bad,' is currently in control of The Animal? Thank "God" we are usually never aware of the subconscious Armageddon which expresses itself, physically, in our paranoias, human Work Instincts and universanal compulsions, and, spiritually, in our unruly but subtle psychic powers - which result not so much from any 'inner aura' but rather from a somewhat mindless 'ghost' standing invisibly at our sides: it is the half of our intelligence which is currently not controlling The Animal, it is the NENTAL IFE, and it erupts from its usual idiot blithering into weird, occult pheno-manifestations only when our turbulent mental background reaches such peaks of simultaneous crisis and repression as the stormy glandular rampages of adolescence!


current mood: horny

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Thursday, December 25th, 2003
1:46 pm - Article on Antiporn Men
silverswann Men Against Pornography
By Leonardo Calcagno

Men against pornography? That's something you don't hear every day. When I heard that there are men out there who have organized themselves to protest against The Sport Illustrated Swimsuit issue and Playboy, my first thought -- sadly -- was that they're gay. Sorry, but that was my honest first thought. Then I thought they might be some right-wing religious fundamentalists. It's hard to believe that some men will take on such a crusade. Personally I think it's a good and noble cause. But still: MEN against pornography? That's something I had to check it out. So I sent out a couple of e-mails and I got in contact with one member named Rob.

Leonardo: Who are you?

Rob: We are Men Against Pornography (MAP), an organization that believes that pornography is an ill and that it should be banned.

What do you think of pornography?

Personally, I think it's disgusting and degrading to men and women. It has no moral values, and people become perverted and sick.

Do you think that it has perverted our way of loving?

Of course! Pornographic videos, websites and magazines are giving love-making a bad name. They are telling people that it's O.K. to have graphic violent sex with many partners.

Are you against Erotica in art?

No. There is a difference between art and pornography. We are not a Christian fundamentalist movement, some of our members yes but not all of them.

Do you offer a service of counseling for guys that want to quit pornography?

Yes, we do give guidance and help them enroll in programs.

Are there a lot of porno addicts?

One is too many. The porno industry on the web is big, there's a lot of bizarre fantasy feeding themselves on the net. We estimate that there's a 70% addiction rate of pornography in America.

How do you feel about this great acceptance of pornography in the youth market?

It's very sad. Kids are getting a bad idea of sexual pleasure and love.

Why do you think that men need porn?

Men don't need porn. Porn is everywhere, so it's easy to have a porno addiction. When you start looking for porno, you can get hooked very easily. There is too much pornography for a person who thinks that it's normal.

And the Internet? Knowing that almost 75% of its content is porno!

Like I said before, it's very sad.

Can you give us examples of a very bad case of porno addiction?

I've met people with compulsive masturbation addiction. They had to masturbate every half-hour and they get to a point of bleeding. Some men have lost wives, kids and homes because they watched and bought porno all the time. Others have raped women or begin having sex with prostitutes to fulfill their fantasies.

Do you think that porno has some responsibility in rape cases?

When men can't fulfill their pornographic fantasies, they are filled with frustration. Some of them will use violence to fill such fantasies. There's a lot of cases in North America where men were inspired by porno to commit violent acts on women and children.

Can you tell me why you think Sports Illustrated disrespects women?

Sports Illustrated DISRESPECTS women through sex-discriminatory coverage of women's sports. (Fewer than 10 percent of Sports Illustrated pages are devoted to women's athletic achievements.)

Sports Illustrated DISRESPECTS women by displaying demeaning stereotypes of female sexuality. The swimsuit issue features women models posed not as athletes of strength, skill, and endurance but as playthings--in costumes no one could possibly swim in competitively.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue DISRESPECTS women by showing women's primary value to be their value as sex objects.

Sports Illustrated DISRESPECTS women by photographing their bodies as if they are merely body parts--breasts, buttocks, and crotches.

Sports Illustrated DISRESPECTS women by encouraging boys and young men to view women as sex toys and by turning voyeurism into a sport.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue DISRESPECTS women by imitating an idea of women that originates in pornography. Mimicking magazines like Playboy and Penthouse, Sports Illustrated spreads out women's bodies on the page for male "readers" to ogle at.

Sports Illustrated DISRESPECTS women by numbing men to women's humanity.

Sports Illustrated DISRESPECTS women by exhibiting women to men as the "other"--as if women were a different species from the "real" athletes who are men.

Sports Illustrated DISRESPECTS women by sending a message to girls and young women that no matter how much they excel in athletics, all that matters is how they look to men.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue DISRESPECTS women by directly contradicting Time-Warner's corporate hype, which claims the magazine stands for serious sports journalism and respects the ability and dignity of women and girls in athletics.

Thank you very much!

For More Info:

Men Against Pornography (MAP)
PO Box 150786 Brooklyn, NY
11215-0786 U.S.A.

Editor's note:
The views expressed by the interviewee above are not the views of the-vu. This publication regards the magazine named above to be totally harmless to anyone of any age who might see it. However all opinions are respected by this publication.

Leonardo Calcagno, well know writer in Montreal Canada. He's been writing for local Canadian, Americano and European e-zines and zines in French, Spanish and English for almost 5 years. More known to get hate letters from right-wing housewives and to get into fights with promoters who don't let him interview bands! You will mostly see him eating tofu dogs and drinking Guinness with his laptop in Montreal writing another article about politics, music and sex. Graduated with a bachelor degree in International Politics with a minor on international law... his parents are still wondering why he took on a life of sex writer! Tattooed with Che, Husker Du and ARA! Played chino-Hispanic punk on Les Kalisses D'immigrant, Trash Blues on Les Tetes Reduites and now stoner rock on Your Sister ! He contributes on Freezerbox.com, Kerozen, Indymedia.org, Stooky.com, Eroticandy.com, Biotech Montreal Action, QuebecTel, Zona de Obra and other zines!

For more of Leonardo's work, please visit www.montrealnightguide.com and www.montrealconfidential.com

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1:34 pm
Man, those people over at ljsingles sure are rude. Everyone else gets support and "gee we feel for you" except me.

And all because I brought up the word PORN.

And all because I hate porn, and they think I'm crazy.

So they blame me.

Well, that's why I created a community dedicated to living porn-free. There MUST be some people out there, male and female, who do not like porn and think that it should be banned.

Yes, that's an extreme position to take, but sometimes it's necessary.

I shall post the odd article here and there as to why porn is so harmful.

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